Habit is fortunate to work closely with the best vineyard sites throughout Santa Barbara County.


Working with the most amazing team of viticulturalists, I'm lucky to be able to select our own rows and blocks in these amazing vineyards to give birth to these wines.


McGinley - Happy Canyon

Vogelzang- Happy Canyon

Jurassic Park - Santa Ynez

Rancho Arroyo Perdido -Santa Ynez Valley

Coquelicot- Santa Ynez Valley

Demetria- Santa Ynez Valley


All of our vineyards are managed by Coastal Vineyard Care Association (CVCA) which has a strong commitment to farming using sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic practices. CVCA believes deeply in these practices, having first worked on organic farms in 1980.


Using sustainable methods such as undervine cultivation to avoid herbicides, nutrient enhancing cover crops, soil building compost and organic materials such as Stylet Oil and sulfur to control pests and mildew, our vineyards are cared for in a meticulous way producing the best possible grapes for crafting these very personal wines.